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Impactful Students

Students are an integral part of the work we do at the Center. Without them, many of our projects and research would not move forward. We hire in various disciplines such as Social Work, Psychology, and Communication.

Featured Impactful Student Video

Impactful Students 2021 - Rikki Camarillo

Meet our friend and former Communication Student Worker & Intern, Rikki Camarillo. Rikki was responsible for our social media management and she developed our current social media strategy plan. Hear what Rikki has to say about her experience here with us at CFACE.

Social Work

What have you gained from your time at CFACE?

“Relevant to my learning goals, CFACE connected me to interdisciplinary professionals who have experience working with families and children in the child welfare system. I was also connected to the community of family and youth partners, whose lived-experience have taught me invaluable lessons about engaging, partnering and working within the family setting."

- Raisa Mathies, MSW

How did CFACE help you?

“I was pushed out of my comfort zone through the tasks I was given, which allowed me to develop professional skills that still help me today.”

- Cali Wickert, B.A. in Communication, Public and Interpersonal

What have you learned from your time at CFACE?

“I have gained a wealth of information about foster youth that I have talked about in my classes with others in the school psychology program. And [I] now want to be an advocate for foster youth while I am working as a school psychologist in the public school system.”

- Michelle White, School Psychology M.S. C.A.S.